Supporting You Through Your Most Precious Time

Choosing your doula for your individual birth experience is one of the most important decisions you can make throughout your pregnancy. Feeling supported and knowing you are in control of your birth is key.

I hope to be given the opportunity to hold space and support you through out this most important time of your life. Every woman should be able to have access to doula services, to have access to a doula that is a comfortable fit for her.

Studies show that women who have access to doula service have happier, healthier, more content pregnancy and births. They even reflect a twenty-two percent lower rate of preterm births as well as significant reductions in cesarean births, instrumental vaginal births, need for oxytocin augmentation, and shortened durations of labor (Campbell, Lake, Falk, & Backstrand, 2006Klaus & Klaus, 2010Newton, Chaudhuri, Grossman, & Merewood, 2009Papagni & Buckner, 2006Sauls, 2002).

Please also inquire about conscious conception, grief support and abortion support.